Resort with the baby and children

The travel in young children , is what sticks anxiety.
Without such anxiety if detached condo , can have small children , you can stay in peace .

Owner of the Fukugi Terrace is also raising children.
Travel with children, there are many worry and concern.
Fukugi Terrace supports the anxiety of such a mom.
Kitchen, washing machine, installed a gas dryer, milk, baby food can also be the same as your prepare at home.
The lying of the child, and then offer it with two semi-double bed.
Of course, there is also ready for if you would like bed guard.
Okinawa most popular "Churaumi Aquarium" is within walking distance on the trip, because it is a good location of 30 seconds to the sea, you can enjoy without tiring even children.
Mom also want to refresh because precious resort trip.
Until the supermarket and drug store, a 15-minute drive. 5 minutes by car to a convenience store.
A point to be worried about the Lone travel, hospital, also has been enhanced restaurant information.
In addition, in the blog, we originated the Lone travel information.
You spend with confidence because detached type of condo as your home.
Stroller to customers with children, bed guard, baby bath, baby bath chair, baby soap, nursing cushion, baby bottle cleaning brush, bottle microwave sterilization containers, children's toilet seat, can be borrowed from the children's DVD.