Share with your friends the beautiful sea and sky

I want to go to the resort in each other friends occasionally , beautiful resort hotel is high ...
But , rest assured , if widely beautiful detached condominium type .
Rates also deals if able to stay at all .

Gracefully reasonable is the key point of the resort travel in each other friends.
Tatte not stick something meal, everyone in the fun if you make Wai Wai.
The Fukugiterasu, but only two-burner stove IH kitchen of course, tableware, cookware, because the seasonings are aligned, rest to prepare the food.
Until the supermarket and drug store, a 15-minute drive.
Since up to the convenience store's prime location in a 5-minute drive, it is safe.
BBQ is also possible to do in the garden.
The friends travel, there are a variety of ways.
If you want to spend an elegant time in the whirlpool, bougainvillaea suite of open-minded to make is recommended.
While feeling Okinawa Resort, who want to as much as possible reasonable.
Anyone who wants toilet bus okay together, 1K type of hibiscus Deluxe is recommended.
If a lot of the two sets of couples or number of people, two buildings charter is also available. (Up to nine)
In addition, we will also offer of cake, such as birthdays and anniversaries.
Please use your friends travel and graduation trip.