With grandpa and grandma

It is popular, these days, to travel with the whole family.
You can have relaxing moments at our wide and clean detached-house type condominium.

The generation trip has its modest popularity among people nowadays. It’s not quite like the usual trip when it comes to travelling with a lot of people. You have to choose rooms and prepare meals…
At Fukugi Terrace, you can enjoy the stay since it’s a detached-house condominium.
The spacious Bougainvillea Suite would be perfect for the generation trip.
It would be great to rent tow condominiums of the Fukugi Terrace together for a group with lots of people or a family with two generations.
Different generations have different life styles and you may feel uncomfortable being in the same room. But it would also be sad to be in complete separate rooms like in a hotel.
It would be a good idea to use the Bougainvillea Suite room as a main house and use the two cottages to sleep in.
There is a discount when you rent two cottages.
There are dishes, cookware and spices in the kitchen equipped with two induction heating systems. All you need to do is to buy some ingredients and enjoy cooking.
You can have barbecue in the yard and a birthday cake can be ordered.
Walking distance to the most popular sightseeing spot in Okinawa, the Churaume Aquarium and 30-minute walk to the beach, our cottages have the perfect location. There are lots to see around the cottages like the Nakijin Castle which is registered as a world heritage.
We will support you if you have young grandchildren (see more details here).
It is perfect for special occasions and trips to have precious memories.