Together even grandpa and grandma

Travel with the whole family is popular .
Because the large and beautiful condo , you spend leisurely .

Now, travel in the family has become to secretly popularity.
Since the number of people is high, the difference is a little selfish with the usual travel.
Room allocation and dining set-up ....
If Fukigi Terrace, you can enjoy because it is 1 building rental condo.
To family travel, it recommended bougainvillaea suite of open-minded to make it.
In the case of if the number is large or a two-household family travel, it recommended two buildings charter.
Life style unlike generation is different, that's the same room will with a little care.
But though it pains of travel, spend separately in like a hotel is a bit lonely.
Main to using the Bougainvillea suite, bedtime is to use two buildings is ideal.
Two buildings charter can stay at reasonable rates.
IH2-neck with a kitchen, of course, tableware, because the cookware, seasoning is complete, if you buy only food, meals can be enjoyed with everyone.
And BBQ in the garden, the anniversary cake can also be available.
The most popular "Churaumi Aquarium" is within walking distance in the trip to Okinawa, is a prime location of 30 seconds to the sea.
Such as "Nakijin Castle Ruins" close to the world heritage, attractions Lots.
Grandchildren even if still small, we firmly support. (Click here for details)
Special anniversary, is perfect on a journey of precious memories.