Lovers who are always together , Or do not meet only occasionally

Along with the important people , for the sake of making a lot of memories .
Okinawa is a waste only the sea , there are a lot of scenery and attractions to be healed heart .
Not much short of the 1, 2 nights , attractions are many .

Wide and clean condo is not only for a family trip and adults number .
In always To different location , you can spend as of their homes .
To cook together , to a BBQ in the garden .
If you want to enjoy the local cuisine , in the dining processing of a 2-minute walk " Chanyaa " , ceramic plate grilled and the island pig Agu , you can also enjoy the local sake awamori .
Or stop by the local bakery shop , or stop by the charming seaside and mountain cafe Motobu .
Traditional Thai massage in your room is also attractive .
In addition , because the cake is also possible offer , you can also surprise production .
If , ... if were able to live in Okinawa .
In Fukugiterasu , you can yearning of Okinawa immigration experience .