With those you see everyday and those you don’t see everyday

Make a lot of memories with precious ones. Besides the ocean, there are healing sceneries and sightseeing spots in Okinawa.
You’d need more than one or two night stay to see everything.

A wide and clean condominium is not only for a big family. A private place for the two of you to relax and enjoy just like at home.
It would be nice to cook together or have barbecue in the yard which is not so easy in the city.
The cottage is two-minute-walk away from a restaurant called Chanyaa where you can enjoy the island pork Agu and the local sake Awamori. Have precious time stopping by the local bakery shop or sending time on the charming beach of Motobe town or at a café on the mountain.
You can also get a massage in your room at the cottage (reservation required).
It is also possible to order a cake from a near-by café, which would be a good way to surprise the precious one for special occasion.
If you were to live in Okinawa… Such a dream can come true here at the Fukugi Terrace.